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How to Write a Prenuptial Agreement

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What is a prenup: definition of prenuptial agreement form

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A prenuptial agreement (also known as a prenup) means a written contract made between two people before marrying that states how their assets such as property and money should be divided if they get divorced.

It is generally used to protect the assets of a wealthy spouse but also can protect a family business or serve other important purposes. A standard prenuptial agreement is about 9-10 pages long.

Prenuptial agreement template - page 1

Professional prenuptial agreement example

Here is a prenuptial agreement sample that governs the division of assets in case of separation or divorce:

1. At the top of the legal form, enter your and your intended spouse's personal information, including the full names and places of residence.

Property description in a prenuptial agreement

Disclaimer: The templates here are provided for reference only and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters.

2. In article I, list the property that you wish to share with your partner – provide brief but sufficient information for others to be able to understand the details of your material and financial possessions.

3. In article III, you should list all the debts supposed to be shared between you and your future spouse (if any).

Debt listing in the prenuptial agreement

4. After this, if you are going to live together after getting married, you are required to provide the address of the home where you will live after the marriage and name the spouse responsible for the monthly rental payment.

5. In article V, you should specify any joint expenses intended to be shared between the both of you. For example, it can be child or pet care expenses or just a vehicle insurance.

6. In article VI, you confirm your awareness of the Equitable Division laws in your state. Here, you are only required to fill in your state of residence.

7. In article VIII – the most important part of the form – you define the roles and responsibilities of each spouse regarding your children (if there are any children). Here, you should add the details of all dependent children and state whether they are to spend equal time with each parent.

Marital residence description in the prenuptial agreement

8. In article IX, specify the terms and amount of the financial support to the needy spouse in the event of separation or divorce.

9. At the end of the agreement, you, your intended spouse, and your attorney should sign the completed form to validate it. You can add a digital signature to your PDF or you can sign a hard copy of the form.

Tips for making a prenup in the PDF format

  1. Talking to your potential spouse

    First of all, you have to talk to your partner and be clear about your intentions. Reassure your partner that the prenuptial agreement is beneficial for both of you. Let your partner understand that you are not looking for a way to leave them high and dry in the event of a divorce, but making the divorce process easier for yourselves, if you do choose to end the marriage later. Don’t try to push your partner. Remember, this is not a debate on the question, but clarifying the expectations of each other.

  2. Discussing financial plans and expectations

    Before drafting a prenuptial agreement, you should both disclose your current financial circumstances, including the income and assets. Then, discuss all potential plans that may affect your financial situation, such as buying an under-construction property, having a baby, or just planning a further education for one or other of you. You can’t, of course, foresee everything that might go wrong, but you can specify the main issues and solutions.

  3. Creating a prenuptial agreement form in PDF format

    Download PDFChef with its free printable form templates. Select the prenuptial agreement template. Enter all your information in the appropriate fields on the blank form. This must include you and your future spouse’s full names and contact information, the statements of financial rights and responsibilities for each spouse, and the signatures of the parties involved.

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