How to write a bill of sale in Movavi PDF Editor

How to Write a Bill of Sale

  1. Open a fillable bill of sale form in PDFChef by Movavi.
  2. Complete the bill of sale template and sign the document.
  3. Save the finished document.
  4. Print the bill of sale or send it by email.

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What is a general bill of sale form?

A bill of sale is a document that transfers ownership of any property from you to another person (also known as an as is bill of sale). It generally acts as a legal document, much like a contract, that records an agreement for the sale of an item of value. A general bill of sale is suitable for common high-value items such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, rare books, expensive tools, and electronics.

Please do not confuse a bill of sale with a sales contract. At first glance there does not seem to be much difference between them. However, there’s one striking difference between the two documents: whereas a sales contract is concluded prior to any goods being exchanged, a bill of sale is used during or after the exchange of goods and acts as a kind of receipt so that the buyer can prove ownership of the item should there ever be a question.

Bill of sale template

Structure and example for a bill of sale

Here is a bill of sale sample to guide you through preparing your bills of sale:

1. At the top of the blank bill of sale form, enter you and your buyer’s personal information, including full names, mailing addresses, home and cell phone numbers, and current occupations (a sample bill of sale is shown in the screenshot below).

2. In the main body of the form, you need to provide some basic information on the items being sold and the terms of the sale.

A completed top section of a bill of sale

Disclaimer: The templates here are provided for reference only and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters.

3. Below the information on the item, you should enter the amount of the payment agreed with the buyer.

4. At the bottom of the bill of sale paper, you should add signatures in order to validate the completed form.

Information on the amount of the payment

Vehicle bill of sale

There is also a separate template for transferring the ownership of a motor vehicle from one party to another. It is called a vehicle bill of sale form and can be found on your state’s motor vehicle department website.

Tips on how to make a bill of sale for a car

  1. Gathering the vehicle information

    Before writing a bill of sale for a car, you should gather all the necessary information. For used cars, you will need to compose a description of the vehicle sufficient to identify it, including a vehicle’s make, model, color, year, body type, and its vehicle identification number. This number is unique to each vehicle and can be found on the driver’s side windshield or inside where the door meets the vehicle. If you are unable to find the VIN number, you can always find it on the vehicle’s Title or Registration.

    It is also recommended that you locate all associated documents like a certificate of title and/or registration and odometer disclosure statement to provide additional information about the vehicle being sold.

  2. Determining the price and terms of sale

    Successful pricing of pre-owned vehicles for resale requires a little time and patience. First, compare the prices of similar vehicles from different sellers by researching on or any other automotive marketplace; this will help you to determine the market value of the car you are selling. Once you have decided on a price, share that price with the potential buyer and discuss with them the preferred form of payment.

  3. Creating a vehicle bill of sale

    Install PDFChef by Movavi to edit a fillable bill of sale form. Download the vehicle bill of sale template from the your state’s motor vehicle department website and open it in the PDFChef.

    The information should include the seller’s and buyer’s full names and mailing addresses, payment details, and vehicle description. When drafting a vehicle bill of sale, make sure it complies with your state’s requirements, as those requirements vary from state to state. For example, some states require only the buyer to sign the document, while others require both the seller and the buyer to sign it. Still, other states require that the form be notarized.

That said, preparing a basic legal document has never been easier! Create a valid bill of sale or any other form in a just few minutes with our free and simple form-filling tool.

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