How to add an image to a PDF with Movavi PDF Editor

How to Add Images to PDF Files

To insert an image into a PDF, follow the steps:

  1. Download and install PDFChef by Movavi.

  2. Run the app and click Open File to import a PDF.

  3. Click Edit and select the Image option. Find the image you want to insert and click Open.

  4. Resize the image as needed and position it in the PDF.

By clicking the download button, you're downloading a trial version of the program.*

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Best solution for inserting images into a PDF with PDFChef by Movavi

If you have ever been asked to attach a photo to a PDF document or form before submitting it online, you know achieving that isn't a simple task.

In the past, the easiest way to go about it was to use the services of a professional photographer to get a high-quality picture of a certain size. Then you would print out the document, glue the photo to it and scan it. The entire process was not only time-consuming but also required spending some money.

Nowadays, there is a far easier way to do all that, thanks to technological advancement. You only need the right PDF editor – PDFChef (a PDF editor by Movavi), which makes it a breeze to insert photos into any PDF documents.

PDFChef is a lightweight and efficient tool that is easy to use and allows inserting any image or graphic in an existing PDF. It is available for both Windows and Mac and can make all the necessary edits to a PDF document.

But how can you import and place a picture into a PDF using PDFChef? It is very straightforward using this tool but before jumping right in, let take a look at times when you may need to insert an image into a PDF.

Curriculum vitae: You may be asked to include your photo.

Projects: For instance, you may be required to add a floor plan overlay to a project.

Reports: For example, when preparing a monthly report, you may need to incorporate charts.

How to add a picture to a PDF

Step 1. Installing PDFChef by Movavi

Return to the top of the page and click Download. When the download is complete, run the PDFChef installer. Proceed through the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Adding files

Add the PDF file in which you want to place the image by clicking on the Open File button. You can also drag-and-drop the file into the workspace.

Step 3. Inserting the required image

To insert ready-made graphics into a PDF document, go the Edit mode by clicking the appropriate icon on the toolbar. Select the Image option, find the JPG or PNG file that you wish to import, and click Open.

Drag the edges of the frame to change the image size. Set the image's position in relation to the text by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse until the image is in the desired direction.

Step 4. Saving your edits

To save the file under a different filename, open the File menu and select Save As. To save changes to the current file, press Ctrl+S or click the Save icon on the toolbar.

How to add an image to a PDF as an individual page

Using PDFChef makes it very easy to insert a picture into a PDF as an individual page. Simply follow the instructions below to achieve that. If you want to get a bit more creative with your reports and presentations, take a look at this online video editor.

Step 1. Install PDFChef by Movavi

Download and install Movavi’s program, then open it on your computer.

Step 2. Add the PDF file

Click Open File to add the document you need to edit. Alternatively, use the drag and drop function.

Step 3. Inserting the image as a page

Click the Manage pages icon on the left. Then hit the Append Files button on the right-hand pane. Select the appropriate image or several images and click Open. Each selected image will be added to the document as a separate page.

Step 4. Saving the result

To save the resulting file as another document, open the File menu and select Save As. To save changes to the current file, click the Save icon on the toolbar or use the Ctrl+S hotkey.

PDFChef by Movavi

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How to add an image to a PDF online

If you are not in a position to download and install a PDF editor — for example, when using your friend's computer or have limited space. The best option is to use online PDF editors. They are easy to use and allow importing and placing images to PDF, just like the standalone versions.

Smallpdf is one of the best online PDF editors you can use to add images to PDF files. It is secure, easy-to-use, and completes the task in no time. However, it is worth noting that it doesn't allow changing and formatting text inside a PDF file.

If you wish to use it to add an image to a PDF document, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. First, go to and upload your PDF file.

Step 2. Click Add Image, locate the PNG, JPEG, or JPG you wish to add to the PDF page, and hit OK.

Step 3. The image will appear in the middle of the screen. Click on it and resize it in any way that you would like. Place the image where you wish it to be, click Apply to save the changes, and download your file.

How to insert an image into a PDF on Mac

As we mentioned before, PDFChef is available for both Windows and Mac, and installing the program on either OS is a breeze. The Mac version offers you everything you need for PDF editing: opening, reading, editing, and converting PDF files to and from PDFs. It will handle all your PDF editing needs, including inserting images into PDFs.

However, it is worth noting that the Preview program for macOS can also insert images to PDF files but only as individual PDF pages. Follow the instructions below to add an image to a PDF with Preview.

Step 1. Open PDF with Preview.

Step 2. Open the Edit menu then select the Insert option and click Page from File.

Step 3. Choose the appropriate image and follow the onscreen instructions to add it to your PDF.

Step 4. Go to the File menu and select the Save option.

How to add an image to a PDF with Adobe Acrobat® Pro

Adobe Acrobat® Pro is similar to PDFChef and comes to your aid when you need to view, edit, convert, and sign PDFs. It is always updated to give its users access to new capabilities and features. Follow the instructions below to add an image to a PDF:

Step 1. Open the program on your PC or Mac. You can also get more out of Acrobat® by installing the Acrobat® Reader Chrome Extension.

Step 2. Open the Tools menu then select Edit PDF and finally click Add Image. Locate the image you want to import, choose the image file, and hit Open.

Step 3. Click where you want to position the image. Alternatively, click-drag to size the image as you position it. A copy of the image with the same resolution as the original will appear on the page.

Step 4. To save the final document, open the File menu and click Save.

The bottom line

There are many great solutions for adding images into PDF out there, and each has a lot to offer. If you take a closer look, you will notice most have a lot in common. PDFChef, Smallpdf, and Adobe Acrobat® Pro, for example, make it easier to add pictures to PDF files. They allow copying and pasting.

However, if you are looking for a PDF editor that offers the best usability, you are better off with PDFChef. Don't think so? Download it, try it, and don't forget to share your experience.

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