How to write a promissory note in Movavi PDF Editor

How to Write a Promissory Note

  1. Open a fillable form in PDFChef by Movavi.

  2. Complete and sign the form.

  3. Save the finished document.

  4. Print a hard copy or send by email.

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What Is a promissory note form?

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A promissory note (not to be confused with a loan agreement) is a legal document which contains a promise to pay a specified sum of money to a specified person at a specified time.

To make it simple, a promissory note is a debt instrument that allows companies or individuals to obtain financing from a source other than a bank. A standard promissory note is generally held by the party to whom the money is owed.

Promissory note template

Professional promissory note example

Here is a sample promissory note that sets out the amount and terms of the loan:

1. At the top of the form, you are required to provide your and the borrower’s personal information, including the full names and contact addresses.

A completed top section of a promissory note

Disclaimer: The templates here are provided for reference only and you should always talk to a professional for all legal matters.

2. Below this, you should specify the amount of the loan and the required date for the final loan repayment.

Information on the amount of the loan and the date for the final loan repayment

3. At the bottom of the completed form, you and the borrower should sign the form to validate it. You can add a digital signature to your PDF, otherwise you can sign a hard copy of the form.

Tips for making a promissory note in the PDF format

1. Calculating the Amount of the Debt

First, you should calculate the amount of money that the borrower owes you. It may include not only the amount of money owed but also any additional interest and penalty payments. Consider whether you want to receive the payment in US dollars or some other currency.

2. Talking with the Borrower about Repayment Options

Before drafting the promissory note, discuss the terms of the loan with your borrower. You can give them the option to pay off the debt in instalments. Alternatively, you can opt to have the loan repaid in full. Additionally, you should discuss and set a date for the final payment which is acceptable to both of you.

3. Creating a Promissory Note Document

How to make a promissory note in a few clicks? Download PDFChef with its ready-to-use legal form templates. Select a free printable promissory note in PDF format from the template list. Enter all the required information in the appropriate fields on the blank form. The basic promissory note must include your and the borrower’s detailed personal information, the specified amount of the loan, and the signatures of the parties involved. Optionally, this the document can also include a short description of the purpose of the loan – what the money will be used for.

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