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How to convert TIFF to PDF online:

Step 1

Add your TIFF file using the Choose File button or by dragging and dropping it into the upload area.

Step 2

Wait for a few seconds ─ the app will change TIFF to PDF.

Step 3

Click Download File.

Why choose us?

Free TIFF-to-PDF converter

PDFChef is a web-based app that lets you convert TIFF files to PDF. You can use the tool for free, but there are some limitations. You can only process up to 50 MB of files in total. If you work with PDF files a lot and need to handle more conversions, try one of our subscription plans.

Result in one minute

Conversion starts as soon as you’ve uploaded your .tiff file to a workspace, so the conversion process takes 2 clicks and less than a minute, even for large files.

No loss of quality

You don't have to choose between speed and
quality – PDFChef not only works faster than most other web-based converters, but also lets you change TIFF to PDF without any loss of color or saturation.

Absolutely secure

Data security matters.
After converting your file from TIFF to PDF, all the processed files are permanently deleted from our servers within 24 hours.